Bobbe and Harvey Toub traveled to India during the Fall of 2007. Our first stop was in a complex of villages where a group of Indian citizens, working with an Indian non-government agency (NGO), were stationed on a more or less permanent basis to help the villagers. As has usually been our intent when traveling, we had planned before leaving to become engaged in some project that involved construction, social work and energy savings. Our friend Dipti, who is a cultural Indian but educated in the US, guided our selection of a needy area. The villages described in this website are remote, animistic places bordering an active tiger reserve. We visited three villages, spending the best part of a week to determine their needs and our ability to help them. Afterwards, we traveled on for another 5-6 weeks touring this wonderful, culturally and spiritually rich country.

We hope that you will gather enough insight from this website to feel as strongly as we do about helping these folks. Rest assured that Bobbe and Harvey guarantee that these projects will be implemented regardless of how much you contribute, even if we need to supply all the necessary funding ourselves. However, we would like your help so that you can share the satisfaction we derive from doing some good in a world that surely needs all the help we can provide. Any contribution, no matter how small, will be appreciated by all concerned. We invite you to broese our website and join us as we work to provide some real assistance to these deserving people.

Current Projects:

Project 1:

Project 1 Image

In the village of Khutidha near the Melghat Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra many of the crops were washed away during the monsoon season in the summer of 2007. Learn more...

Project 2 and 3:

Project 2 Image

In two villages the villagers need to walk a fairly long way down to the river to get all the water they need for cooking, washing and drinking. Learn more...

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