Our Story

It all started as a personal challenge.

To do one thing that scares me the most in 2017.

That challenge somehow took me backpacking alone through Nepal to the foot of Mt. Everest in search of meaning.

What I found instead where youths barely reaching adulthood, already out of school working in backbreaking jobs for less than a dollar a day. Then it suddenly dawned on me that this is the plight of millions of people around the world today growing up without an education..

Worldwide, we know that parents and children have incredible faith in the power of education. Yet millions make difficult choices every day about whether to educate their children or put food on the table.
So we founded Books Beyond Borders in 2018 with a simple idea — raise funds through donated book sales and fund programs to help reduce school dropouts in rural Nepal. In the process of distributing hundreds of schoolbags and establishing libraries, we’ve come to learn that one of the key driving forces of early school dropout lies in household poverty. And until we can tackle this problem, young bright potentials will continue to leave school early to work in ‘on-the-margin’ survival conditions.
Starting in 2020, we’ve refocused our strategy to provide work and income opportunities for families living under the poverty line. Our believe is when families have a sustainable household income, they will continue to invest in their children’s education and overall well-being.
We continue to lean on donated book sales to cover our operating expenses and put 100% of crowdfunded donations directly to each project we launch. Our guiding principle of choosing courage over fear challenges us to keep pushing the envelope until we can see a day where every child can grow up educated and thrive in a healthy, happy family.

Our founding values

1. Choosing courage over fear
2. Truth and transparency

Randall Chong
Co founder
Bryan Phua
Co founder