For those of you who want to help the villages described in this web site, there is an easy way to donate money. In the village where the money will pay for the villagers to work on the bund, the normal rate for that type of work is approximately 60 rupees a day per worker. That is approximately $1.60 US.

To make a tax deductible gift go to The donation can be made on line at any amount. After entering the home page, press the blue "Donate Now" box on the left. When you fill out the form, press the drop down arrow for the "I would like to support" item and highlight the 4th item down which should be Melghat Mithra, India. The amount, less 2% for donating on line, will be transferred to the organization in Maharashtra, India and used entirely for the project described.

For larger donations you can avoid the 2% deduction by mailing a check to One World Children’s Fund at 1009 General Kennedy Avenue #2 San Francisco, CA 94129. On a separate note (not on the check please) write that the donation is for Melghat Mitra. A check will also help keep your records for charitable deductions come tax time.

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