Project 2 & 3:

In the village of Ruipathar (project 2) and in the village of Domi (project 3), both near the Melghat Tiger Reserve, the villagers need to walk a fairly long way down to the river to get all the water they need for cooking, washing and drinking. There is a water tank that was installed in Ruipathar but with no pump or water higher than the village it has no use at present.

water tank

The river is down hill from the village and the women and children who usually carry the water in jugs on their heads have a difficult climb to get to their homes. Then, of course, they store the water in their kitchen areas for cooking and dish washing. The water in the river appears to be of drinkable quality except for the rare times when the inconsiderate tigers relieve themselves nearby.


The plan discussed was to pump the river water up to the village and into a new storage tank which will be installed at a higher elevation than the new or existing water tank. The new water tank will supply water to the villages with a faucet connection for starters but it will be possible to run piping to each house for gravity flow in the future.


At the water source there is an existing well for Ruipathar year round. The water source for Domi has yet to be surveyed. If a 12 volt solar submersible water pump is installed in this well, or a new well, water will be available for the villages year round. This pump will be operated when there is sufficient sunshine on the panels to be installed near the well. Although there is concern by the villagers that any solar equipment installed at the river (IE: far from the village) is in damager of being stolen, it is hoped that the project will include lockable fencing and other deterrents for would-be thieves. As much as we hate to say it, it may also be necessary to cut down a tree or two to allow sufficient sunshine to generate power for the solar pump. Batteries will not be necessary since the pump can operate only when there is sufficient sunshine.


Harvey and Ranjit in the USA, with assistance from the Engineers Without Borders chapter in Atlanta, will size and select solar equipment and pumps. They will ask the folks at Maitri if it is possible to purchase any of the selected items in India before arranging to purchase the equipment in the USA through the One World Children’s Fund. All funds contributed to the One World Children’s Fund will be tax deductible in the USA and will go entirely for these projects and/or the Project #1 if so designated. If we need to use some of the funds to purchase equipment in the USA, we will let the One World Children’s Fund purchase the equipment and ship it to Maitri.

village women

When this project is ready for construction, either Ranjit, Harvey or any of you wishing to go to India will join in the construction which will be done entirely by the villagers. By the way, the villagers are animistic in their belief and not one of the many organized religions that India is well known for. It will give all of us a good feeling to help these folks who are so remote from all the hustle and bustle of the Indian cities to continue in their self sufficient way of life.

Harvey and friends


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